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met who know her father—it is somewhat embarrassing, what I say—and she, in her innocence, will ask you questions, whi


ch he did not foresee——” “There will be no difficulty in answering them,” replied Martin. “Encore merci,” said


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Bigourdin. “You must know that Félise came to us at five years old, when my poor wife was living—she died ten years ago—I am a widower. She is to me like my own daughter. Although,” he added, with a smile

and a touch of vanity, “I am not

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quite so old as that. My sister, her mother, is older than I.” “She is alive then?” asked Corinna. “Certainly,” replied Bigourdin. “Did you not know that? But she has been an invalid for many years. Tha

t is why Félise lives here inst

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ead of with her parents. I hope, Mademoiselle, you and she will be good friends.” “I am sure we shall,” replied Corinna. A little while later the two wanderers sat over their coffee by the balustrade of th

e covered loggia and looked out on

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